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Broaden participation in Sterling

Broaden participation in Sterling

The above link takes you to a letter to the editor at the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

Sterling residents, please support Article 18 at the annual town meeting on extraordinary expenses. This article, requiring that all extraordinary expenditures of a non-emergency nature be subject to a vote of the people at the annual town election, is all about voter participation. Consider the numbers: In each of the past six years, between 2.5 and 5 times as many people participated in the annual town election as they did in the annual town meeting.

Given our busy work and home lives, many of us do not have the luxury of attending the meeting, but we clearly do want to participate in the process, as evidenced by the higher turnout at the election.


All registered voters should have the opportunity to have their voices heard, and as we enter a period of economic turbulence in the town’s finances, increasing voter participation is vital. Article 18 is all about increasing voter participation, so please attend the town meeting (May 13) if you are able, and vote in favor of this article.



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